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COLLECTORS web platform – waste collection benchmark data

Updated on 18.11.2022

The COLLECTORS web platform provides an online database documenting the organisation and performance of 242 European waste collection systems in 23 EU countries. The tool considers plastic packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, and construction and demolition waste.

Author: COLLECTORS project (partners involved included PNO Consultants, Ramboll, LDE, VITO, VTT, ACR, Eurocities, WEEE Forum, ZWE)
Year of update: 2020

Relevance for Circular Systemic Solution

The tool can be used to benchmark waste collection systems across Europe and inform decision-makers as best as possible to encourage the replication of good practices. It provides information about different aspects of local municipal waste management, including regulation, organisation, statistics, environmental and social aspects, and costs. The COLLECTORS website also provides practical recommendations for local waste collection systems to better assess their situation and improve performance. This includes concrete illustrations and examples of how local systems have succeeded in tackling challenges and improving performance.

How to use this tool or method

The tool allows the user to search for examples of waste collection systems by setting the following parameters for a specific area in Europe: population, density and gross domestic product. The user can then further define geographical characteristics (mountain area, coastal area, etc.) and the waste type. The tool will then provide information on the waste collection systems for areas that meet the defined criteria.

Type of tool or method

Circular economy benchmark data



Increased recycling rates

Environmental pollution and land use

Social aspects

Awareness raising and education

all actors

Territories involved