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“Become a European front-runner in the circular economy transition. Share, learn, gain!”

What makes this circular economy initiative unique? 
The Circular Cities and Region Initiative (CCRI) offers at least 30 cities and regions the opportunity to access an exceptional network of circular economy stakeholders focusing on the implementation of the green transition on local and regional scale. A number of factors make this a unique opportunity:

  • An international team of circular economy experts of the Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO) offers practical and tailor-made support to speed up circular economy implementation in your city or region in the upcoming four years. They provide first-hand support on effective ways to turn circular economy into a daily reality for citizens, employers, private companies and industries and public service providers in your city or region.
  • Other front-running cities and regions share their knowledge and evidence-based insights in the field of circular economy policy and regulations, circular awareness and acceptance, circular technologies and innovative business models.
  • You learn about a multitude of initiatives and projects and get acquainted with both public and private actors engaged in testing tools, implementing plans, developing knowledge, and identifying best practices to achieve the circular economy transition in Europe. 
  • You gain first-hand information about upcoming funding opportunities, with EUR 200 million for circular economy demonstration projects focusing on experimentation and at least EUR 40 million for project development assistance of investment proposals applying for project development grants in Horizon Europe and Circular Economy Technical Assistance Facility grants from the European Investment Bank. While the demonstration grants are for experimental projects, the project development assistance targets mature initiatives at the beginning of their investment phase, speeding up the full-scale roll-out of these circular activities.


What is in it for you? 
By participating as a Pilot city, region or territorial cluster in the CCRI, showcasing the high circular potential of your front-running ecosystem, you will be able to:

  1. Receive support with the analysis of the current stage of development of your Circular Systemic Solution(s);
  2. Receive support to identify leverage points and engage relevant stakeholders needed to design, implement or scale out Circular Systemic Solution(s);
  3. Meet your specific technical and human capacity needs by participating in dedicated thematic working groups on specific circular economy macro areas;
  4. Get in touch with a wider network of CCRI stakeholders to address your specific and territorial circular economy implementation needs;
  5. Interact with and learn from the experiences of a wider group (30+) of cities, regions and industrial clusters implementing their own circular economy strategies;
  6. Have access to relevant knowledge in the field of circular economy practice and implementation;
  7. Develop, improve and widen the scope of your Circular Systemic Solution(s) based on learned experiences from other European territories;
  8. Contribute to the wider adoption of circular economy approaches in cities, regions and territorial clusters around Europe by sharing your experiences and learning from practical evidence;
  9. Get access to the tools to autonomously develop your Circular Systemic Solution(s), either by developing or refining a Circular Economy Action Plan and Circular Economy Investment Plan;
  10. Use the collaboration as a stepping stone to access further CCRI funding for demonstration projects and project development assistance. 


By participating as a Fellow, you can improve your circular economy starting position by learning from the CCRI network and twinning with front-runners, peers and knowledge providers. You will be able to:

  1. Participate in all CCRI-CSO webinars and one thematic working group;
  2. Play an observer role and learn from the knowledge-sharing processes; 
  3. Share knowledge and get interconnected in peer-to-peer learning processes with the Pilots.


Whether you will participate as a Pilot or as a Fellow, you will be able to increase your visibility as a circular economy champion leading the rapidly growing European community of practice. Your experiences and learning processes will feed into the CCRI-CSO knowledge base, a shared treasure that will become a reference for supporting the transition processes of cities and regions towards the circular economy. Don’t miss out on the chance to join this new group leading the way towards a more sustainable, circular future in Europe!